The plain white t-shirt is perhaps the most common fashion staple in our wardrobes, often taken for granted. It’s neutral, unpretentious, accessible, and transcends age, gender-identity, and cultural boundaries – making it somewhat of a symbol of fashion democracy, or simply put, something for everybody. But it’s this accessibility that can also promote a culture of convenience and disposability. So could the plain white tee even be considered a front-runner of fast fashion?

In the age of ‘quiet luxury’ – a recent trend of extremely expensive, minimal fashion with almost invisible branding –, we’ve decided to turn the basic white t-shirt into something more meaningful.

In 2022, in the midst of the russian invasion, we reached out to a clothing manufacturer in Ukraine to see whether they were operational and producing. And yes, they were and are. Despite the harsh reality of a war, we managed to work together successfully and produce a number of t-shirts.

Upon their arrival, we realized that these shirts don't need to rely on prints. They spoke for themselves. Telling the story of something so everyday, created during the darkest days of a country. Of collaborating with workers in crises, where the mainstream fashion industry would turn a blind eye. A simple yet symbolic expression of solidarity. Defiance. Freedom. And of how even the most common things can be made meaningful.

The Most Meaningful Plain White T-Shirt. 100% Organic Cotton. As always, made for peace. But now MADE IN UKRAINE.

Photography: Moritz Conzen | Model: Ilya

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